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1889, the world’s first glögg liqueur, is based on a generations-old Swedish family recipe. The spicy-sweet notes of cardamom, cloves and cinnamon rounded out with a hint of almond and bitter orange makes 1889 an exciting drink component. 1889 can be used as a high quality falernum or as a fresh substitute for vermouth in classic cocktails.


Glögg has long been part of European holiday traditions. As always, a popular item goes by many names. Glögg is the Swedish version of the German glühwein, the Norwegian and Danish gløgg, the Finish glögi, the British Mulled Wine, and the French vin chaud.


The Geijer Glögg liqueur manufacturing process is a testament to the pure flavors that nature produces. No additives of any sort have been added to our drink. As a matter of fact, we use less than ten natural ingredients to create this wonderfully spiced liqueur.

"Geijer Glögg is a remarkable and intense mélange of flavors."

Neal MacDonald, Proof66